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Can you imagine getting access to information that can move the financial markets in a known direction? With the help of advanced algorithm and technology in addition to instant access to the latest news and information, wouldn’t you be in a position to get your hands on the most profitable trading opportunities presented by the market?

The News Spy is the kind of trading software that can help you achieve exactly the same. It was launched recently, but has managed to catch the attention of traders from across the globe. This is thanks to its mind-blowing features.

Our independent investigation into this trading system has also revealed that it is capable of delivering on its promise.  If you want more information about this intuitive investment tool, read this review completely.

How to Trade with The News Spy

With its sophisticated design, amazing speed and ground-breaking technology, The News Spy is the best tool to trade the news. By using its features, you can get access to real-time information about the financial markets within seconds of it getting published on the internet. The main benefit it serves is that it helps improve the outcome of trading.

The concept of trading based on the latest news had been around for a long time. Basically, institutional players had access to the technology which made their investment tasks easier and more profitable. Now, those proven methods and strategies have been incorporated into The News Spy and this is perhaps the first time ever that this technology is available to retail traders. With this cutting-edge software, anyone can trade on the financial markets right from the comfort of their homes.

Information Is The Key

The News Spy trading software offers accurate and high frequency trading which can help you generate substantial returns. The software is so powerful in the way it operates that it capitalises on each and every opportunity that exists in the market. It searches for news releases and scans the markets consistently in order to come up with valuable information which it sends for further analysis.

In our News Spy review, we have managed to unveil some of the most important characteristics of this investment solution. We know that news plays a fundamental role in financial trading, but we were keen on establishing whether The News Spy is the ideal tool or not. Our analysis and in-depth review not only gives details about the software’s operational process, but it provides insights on this tool’s capability of identifying profitable trading opportunities. We very much agree that the profit-making potential of The News Spy is quite limitless as it has working exceptionally well right from the day it was officially launched.

How It Works

It simplifies much of the trading process because it carries out market research on its own. The software scans for the latest news articles and delivers them to their analysts.  What makes this software different from the rest is that it has a real team of analysts behind its operation. The News Spy doesn’t produce signals randomly or through a computerised process. The signals are generated by experts after they thoroughly analyse the data and information compiled by the software.

So at the end, traders are only left to execute trading orders. By executing the trades that you want to and omitting the ones that you don’t want to gives you control over the entire trading process. It gives you the freedom to choose which trades you want to execute and which ones you don’t want to. This kind of flexibility can also help you trade according to your budget and limitations.

Is Download Necessary?

No, there is no need to download the software because it is web-based.  It is compatible with various operating systems and you can even access it from your smartphones while you are on the move.


Set Up an Account for Free

Did you know that you could get started with The News Spy absolutely free of charge? For a limited time only the software is available for free. If you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity, then follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the quick sign up form
  2. Register with a broker
  3. Add a deposit and activate the software

Upon activating the software, you will be able to customize its settings and place real trades that will give you stable and solid returns.

The News Spy is Undoubtedly Legit

The News Spy is a useful app for traders.  Those who have used it are already satisfied with its performance.  We are able to confirm that The News Spy is a legit and working app. The reviews that have come in from real traders are mainly positive.

This trading tool offers a wide range of features that can be customized. Basically all the different aspects of the trading system can be configured to suit its users’ individual preferences.

When it comes to compiling the news information, the software makes use of reliable sources only. But to make sure that the information coming in is worthy, the experts working behind the scene analyse the data manually and generate signals accordingly. Traders are always at a winning edge with The News Spy because the signals they receive are high quality.

Even the brokers integrated with this trading tool are genuine. Since they are regulated, they will ensure that you have a pleasant trading experience with them.

Review Verdict: The News Spy is Not a Scam
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Customer Support

Whenever you have a question to ask or an issue to resolve, you can always approach their friendly and professional customer support representatives. Their members work during the normal trading hours to provide assistance to traders. They can be reached via phone, email and even live chat.


After conducting a thorough research, we couldn’t find anything suspicious about this trading system. Based on all the evidence and our findings, we can confirm that The News Spy is legit and safe. It has been designed for ordinary traders so they can also benefit from the trading opportunities available on the financial markets just like professional investors do.

This effective trading tool comprises of great features which can help even complete novices achieve their trading goals. It has capabilities and characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd and this is why we suggest that you sign up for it quickly.

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