Read our full and investigative Immediate Edge Review before you become one of their next victims! This new scam has been operating for over two months now and has been stealing quite successfully! If you have already lost your money, make sure to contact our website and let us know what happened to you.

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Immediate Edge Review

You were most likely contacted via email by a team of marketing salesmen who send out mass emails claiming that “you won’t believe how much you can earn in just 24 hours!” or something like that. In reality, these emails are being sent to former users of other scams or from the contact information that you signed up with on a financial website. This is called spam for a reason, it’s all trash!

Immediate Edge is a software that trades cryptocurrency automatically on your personal brokerage account. Once you sign up on the Immediate Edge scam website you’ll be linked to a broker based on your personal details and location. The brokers that work directly with Immediate Edge App scam are unregulated and therefore unsafe to use.

Who Created the Immediate Edge App Scam?

Immediate Edge scam software has a general location listed in Panama City, Panama. This location is currently being used for numerous other trading software scams. If you are wondering who the owner of Immediate Edge App is, you’re out of luck. The name of the person who registered the site is hidden from their site registration.

The Immediate Edge creator is a businessman who works in unison with unregulated brokers to target and sell software to naive new traders. When the broker receives your phone number they will never stop calling you. We recommend people block these numbers off their phone. However, that broker will sell your phone number to another broker who will then also target you in other trading scams.

Can You Make $2200 Daily with Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge scam makes a promise that you will earn between $950 and $2200 each day while using their automated software. This is a lie and can easily be disproven just by speaking with the people that have emailed us in the last month. Nobody, not a single person, has made any profits at all with this scam.

Even worse, many of our readers have had their money held hostage by their broker. When they see that the Immediate Edge scam is losing their money, they try to take a withdrawal of their remaining funds. The broker refuses to release their money and instead demands that they place a minimum number of trades before their withdrawal can be processed. This is illegal yet quite normal for unregulated brokers to do.

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Once you deposit with any broker that accepts Immediate Edge, you’ll never see your money again due to their strict rules on withdrawing. If you attempt to meet their minimum number of trades, you’ll end up losing your money and therefore have nothing left to withdraw. We like to call these brokers the black holes of trading. They will suck all your money out. It is even quite possible for them to then sell your financial information to any of their scammer friends as part of an identity theft group.

User Review: Does Immediate Edge Scam Have Real Users?

The most important thing to research before signing up with any trading system is real user reviews. It’s not that difficult to find them, simply by googling. However, many of our readers got tricked into believing the user reviews featured on the Immediate Edge app scam site. In case you are one of those people, don’t feel too bad. The scammers that create these auto trading scams go to great lengths to make their fake user reviews look legitimate.

It took a bit of digging, but we were able to locate each person pictured on the user review section and expose their review as being 100% fake. All of the pictures on the site are stock photo images that have been taken from the internet. These people are NOT real users and the quotes next to their names are all lies.

Immediate Edge scam even went a step further and created fake Facebook images accompanied by fake quotes. These are not real profiles. Notice that all of the names come up with thousands of results, making it hard to find the person pictured. However, we were able to determine that the photos used in these Facebook images are more stock photos stolen from other websites.

Limited Spots Available with Immediate Edge App! (False!)

One of the surest ways to spot a trading scam is by checking out what happens when you try and exit their site. Immediate Edge app scam will send you a pop-up message that claims if you don’t sign up now, “someone will take your spot!” This is a ludicrous lie. There are NOT a limited amount of spots. In fact, they accept as many registrations as possible until the brokers get scared of being sued.

The unregulated brokers that work directly with Immediate Edge scam are paying the creator for each person he brings them to sign up. Why? The broker makes a large profit when you lose a trade. Worst yet, they will send their conniving sales team after you with annoying phone calls demanding you deposit more money.

Immediate Edge scam is NOT limiting registrations. They simply want to scare you into signing up before you have a chance to read some unbiased reviews! In fact, if you want to see this for yourself look at the top right of the website screen. It will tell you that there are “only 43 spots left” in your location. That number will eventually go all the way down to “only 1 spot available”. If you refresh the site, the number will go back up to 43 again. It’s absurd.

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Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

There is no doubt about it. Immediate Edge is a scam app that targets new traders and hands them directly to unregulated brokers to be scammed. Do not join this trading site and make sure to warn all your friends about it as well.

If you would like us to check a site for you and see if it is safe or not, let us know in the comments below or by sending us a message!