Welcome to the Bitcoin Storm review. Is Bitcoin Storm scam or legit? Bitcoin Storm is currently being promoted as a new money-making system and an exclusive group which the team has reserved for Bitcoin Millionaires.

They claim that those who join will gain access to a secret automated trading software (crypto robot) which produces results at an astonishing 99.4% win rate. This sounds like complete nonsense.

In fact, when our reviewers considered the website and facts behind it, they suspected that something was amiss!

So, for those of you who are searching the internet for an honest Bitcoin Storm review, you should know that this fraudulent crypto currency trading platform has nothing to do with genuine storm coins or tokens.

Storm coins are an altcoin. They are real virtual currencies and traded on various exchanges. The reason they call this scam software Bitcoin storm is because they want to confuse traders or mislead them into thinking this app is somehow associated with the altcoin storm.

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What Is Bitcoin Storm and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Storm is supposed to be an automated cryptocurrency trading app which generates signals at a 99.4% level of accuracy. They claim software does it by “beating the market” by 0.01 seconds. In other words, they are saying it is faster then the rest (the time leap sales pitch).

Bitcoin Storm Review

The app has already been blacklisted by many traders and bloggers. It’s important to point out that Bitcoin Storm is a cloned software which has been copied or recycled several times in the past few years.

Bitcoin Storm CFD Brokers: When we signed up the broker which was assigned to us was experttrader.co, which is owned and operated by Multiexport OÜ and has a registered business address in Tallinn Estonia.

Experttrader is not licensed to provide investment or ancillary services (in other words its not a real broker). This also ties in with the fact that a well-known affiliate network is promoting the Bitcoin Storm scam, and there are many fake reviews which are endorsing it as well.

Exposed: SCAM Evidence

The style of promotion depicts that this is a get rich quick scheme. Most of the time, these apps are a scam because they promise the impossible.

On the Bitcoin Storm main registration area. You will notice that they are saying you can “become the next millionaire”. This type of hype is very much associated with get-rich-quick schemes and should serve as an immediate red flag and warning sign.

There are many examples of duplicate sites which use the exact same same sales pitch about how you can become the next millionaire and why you should signup and start “changing your life today”. They even use the exact same video presentation with Jake Tapper from CNN. Now, the actual trading dashboard is a kind of white label solution where dirty affiliate marketers just integrate with the losing software, change the name or color scheme and they are good to go.

Fake Bitcoin Storm testimonials

Some review websites are acting irresponsibly and endorsing the Bitcoin Storm scam for reasons related to monetary compensation. This is basically something to do with greed. The owners of these review sites only care about their pockets as opposed to the safety of their traders. That is why they keep endorsing a scam even when it’s clear that Bitcoin Storm is a shady app.

Bitcoin Storm Fake News And Bogus Celebrity Endorsements

And here we have a short collection of news snippets which are indicative of how fake news articles look like. Most commonly used celebrities and high profile individuals include Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Shark Tank, Dragons Den (in Germany Die Höhle der Löwen), Martin Lewis, Jamie Oliver, singer Morten Harket, Singapore Billionaire Peter Lim, and many more.

Is it a SCAM App or Pathway To Riches?

The Bitcoin Storm app is something different and is not what it is purported to be. If you are a day trader or opportunity seeker on the lookout for a new and profitable bot or signals app, we recommend you read our review very carefully.

Despite our understanding and previous experience with these types of systems, we had to test a demo with at least €250 just to be fair and see what happens.

We must say that we lost our initial investment after about 7 minutes only to be subject to a myriad of pressure tactics by sleazy offshore sales reps who are both persistent as well as rude.

There is no “laser-accurate performance” or “superior technology” which was designed using “the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen”.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that this is not an “award-winning app”, unless they are handing out awards for the most despicable thieving software. Finally, we also found out that the whole testimonial section is completely forged and all of the images are fake and taken from internet image banks (big surprise).

Is It Free? No, it isn’t.

Joining this losing program will cost you the standard amount charged by scammers and that is $/£/€250. The thieves who will charge your credit card are dirty offshore brokers who don’t really care about your personal financial situation and will do their utmost to squeeze as much money out of you as they possibly can.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin storm cannot be recommended by us or any reputable financial website. They claim that it was designed to trade Crypto CFDs. That is not true because we see that this is your average Crypto CFDs scam which is presented in form of a trading software.

This software has been recycled many times and it used to be popular in the days of binary options trading. These days scammers are using it to manipulate and steal funds from Bitcoin enthusiasts or those who want to trade BTC. You must avoid it. If you want to trade for a profit, stick to our recommendation.