The year 2021 was a remarkable year for crypto assets, as many digital currencies reached all-time highs. The first quarter of 2022 is a completely different story. Many crypto markets are doing well or struggling, as shown by the graph below.

Here’s a look at top ten crypto assets based on market valuation in the first quarter 2022. Also, a look at top 30 crypto assets. Although bitcoin ( BTC is the most popular crypto asset by market capitalization, its gains in the last 90 days have been only 4.30%.

Terra (LUNA), was the Q1 champ with 43.83% in the first three months. The market capitalization of ethereum ( ETH) is second. Its value was 2.75% lower than the USD at the end Q1. Solana (SOL) was the biggest loser of all the top ten tokens, losing 18.64% in the past three months.

Cardano ( ADA has been gaining in value in recent years, but ADA suffered 12.85% loss in Q1. Unus sed Leo (LEO) was the largest gainer of all the top 30 crypto assets. It gained 58.37% in Q1.

Below LUNA’s performance in the top 30 standings was ethereum classic ( ETC) 31.33% gain during Q1. Algorand (ALGO) was the biggest loser of the top 30 positions. It has lost 48.51% in three months against the USD. Uniswap, which saw its decentralized exchange token (dex), lose 37.69% in Q1, was another notable loser.

Crypterium, Kstarcoin and Skyrocket – Bittorrent Coin and Rebase Coin OHM Shaudder

The biggest Q1 gainer out of all the crypto assets on 596 exchange platforms was crypterium. The token gained 423.33% in Q1. Kstarcoin (KSC), which grew by 339.63% over three months, jumped 234.77% in Q1.

Bittorrent (BTT), which fell 99.93% during the quarter, and the rebase token Olympus Dao (OHM), which lost 89.68% over 90 days were two of the most prominent crypto asset losers. The majority of the crypto assets that are not well-known, as well as the largest gainers and losers from the 13,568 cryptocurrencies list, are relatively unknown.

A Look at the First Quarter’s Top Performing Cryptocurrencies in 2022