If there is one thing that the United States of America is afraid of at this time in history, it is losing control of its currency. Since the Federal Reserve started printing its own money back in the early 1920s, there has been a general feeling of distrust that would be understandable if only the United States of America had a sound economy. However, instead the United States is in a crisis because the American people are losing faith in the financial institutions that control our economy. These institutions have failed the American people and they are starting to lose their jobs.

The last economic downturn that occurred in the United States of America was in the mid 1980’s and the cause of the Dollar Slump was inflation. It was said that there were so many things that caused inflation, but no one could pin down the exact cause. This led to the stock market and the real estate market crashing as well, which then left the average person with nothing except a very low credit score. In order to combat this situation, the government started spending money on bailouts for banks that got into financial trouble, while the government continued to print money.

This was all going fine and good for the United States until the early 1990s when the Federal Reserve finally took a stand against inflation and the dollar slump began. In fact, the United States of America lost its ability to print its own money in 1993, as President Bill Clinton passed legislation that required the Federal Reserve to start buying back the currency that it was printing. While it may seem like a drastic move, at least it allowed the United States economy to recover and people were able to regain their confidence again.

After this incident the United States of America really lost its control over its money. The central bank of Japan, called the Bank of Japan, decided to do a similar thing in 1997. The result was the first crash in the history of the United States. Although the United States government was successful at taking control of the situation again, Japan was able to take control of their currency once again, which caused the second crash in history.

This time, the United States government was more successful and the American economy was able to bounce back again and the United States suffered a third crash in history, but the United States government was still able to control the situation. The result was the fourth and fifth crashes in history. The result of all of these crashes, was that the United States was left with a bad economy, which led to the United States government not being forced to print their own currency in order to control their economy anymore, which left the American citizens with a very bad economy.

It is now up to the United States to fix the problem, but it will take some time because the United States government is still in denial about the problems that it is in right now. However, the United States government has no clue what it has to do to fix the problems, which is a good thing because if the United States government was to fix the problems, the United States would not have to deal with these problems anymore. Luckily, the United States is one of the most stable economies in the world and there are many who are willing to work with the United States government in order to fix the economy. In fact, they even offer help.

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